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We built this site to demonstrate how your site might work and how easy it is to add, remove and edit property details and to upload images. We will, of course help you to develop your own individual look.

  • If you have your own ideas regarding colour, layout and what you want incorporated into your site, we'll work with you to implement your design.
  • You are free to decide your own search criteria - for instance, you might want to search on Location as well as Property Type and Price.
  • We can include your logo, banner header, images, business details, links etc.

Click on to search for existing properties on the database.

Click on the Admin button to go to the Administration pages.

You will initially be taken to a login screen. To prevent unauthorised access, you'll be able to specify a Username and Password that will need to be entered correctly to gain access to the Admin area.

For this demonstration, we've entered the Username and Password already.

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to the Data Entry screen. Here you can add, edit or delete property details and images. Feel free to experiment by adding, editing and deleting your own properties. You'll be able to view changes you've made at any time by performing a search.

Your images should in JPEG format and no larger that 40KB. Dimensions should be not less than 400x300.

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